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Health Coach & Ayurvedic Nutrition Expert

Being a mother, passionates woman, supporting wife, life-lover, gipsy and spiritual soul with a constant desire to learn, grow and share has left me on this beautiful path of being able to help others live a happier, stronger, healthier life and show them what difference it makes to suddenly be AWARE and to slowly understand...

Everything happens for a reason and being familiar with the tools to navigate through those different and sometimes challenging periods of life is extremely valuable and strengthening. And here I am.

Coaching. Teaching. Consulting.

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

"My relationship towards food has changed completely since my consultation with Kristin.

I learned to listen to my body and mind by creating a compassionate awareness for my actions. 

And the big surprise: even my kids love the Ayurvedic recipes.

- Kathi Jäger, GER

“I was amazed by the logic behind Ayurveda. Understanding the effects that food has onto my system has literally woken me up. 

Practicing Yoga with Kristin on an individual mind and body level has added up to my list of selfcare awareness - I love it. ”

- Sophia Stone, US

“Actually I thought I was already living a pretty healthy life... until I found out it might not have been the healthiest for my personal constitution?! I learned so much about mindful eating and exercising. AND I can't imagine a life without regular morning anymore.”

- Claudia Compone, UK