Most of all I am a passionate woman.

Mom to 2 wonderful – but clearly challenging – kids.

Wife. Perfectionist. Overthinker. Motivator. Energylover. Glass-half full-person.


I am a lucky individual since I was able to experience a lot of wonderful and exciting things in my life. Not always obvious at first sight but mainly beneficial for my soul.


After growing up quite internationally (Brazil, Germany and Belgium, later the UK and the US), I found my home to be in Düsseldorf.


A degree in Grafic Design brought me into the advertisement business where I got to work as an Art Director for a couple of years in my 20’s.

Soon I realized that I had the energy and will to start my own business and felt drawn towards fashion.

I founded my own fashion sales agency and was able to solidly grow a successful company which I ran for almost 7 years after selling it to my business partner in 2015.


My life has been charactarized by constant and recurrent farewells. This certainly helped me to become flexible, adaptive and openminded – yet it also transformed me into a seeker with the permanent ambition to "improve". Find my Dharma and to help others to do so.


The birth of my children also gave birth to my deep intention to find a meaningful purpose in life. Not only that kids give you a different perspective and responsibility in your personal universe, they also force you to reflect on your own education, genes, weaknesses and strengths, EGO - they simply force you to face reality.


I am still having a hard time getting along with myself unconditionally but that’s why I dedicated myself to this beautiful task of pleasing me by helping others and finding the joy of unconditional love in the world of and through healing.


My journey has been kicked off by a Yoga Teacher training in VINYASA YOGA and continued with a constant desire to learn - making me learn about the different styles like YIN, SYNERGY, DHARMA, ANUSARA and IYENGAR.


My style is an individual mixture of the cherries I gratefully picked within the last 6 years.


When moving to London in 2017 I dedicated myself to the science of AYURVEDA, studied and graduated as a Ayurvedic Practitioner specialized on diet and lifestyle.


A relocation to New York 2019 made me contemplate about the sustainability of my teachings and techniques and I realized that there is no real change to life if there is no change to your limiting beliefs (spiraling back to education, genes and ones internal environment).


Even though I was having all those helpful and skillful tools at hand I still felt incomplete – sort of rotten from within.

This discovery brought me to the powerful technique of THETAHEALING® in which I have learned to dig deeply into my soul in order to pull those beliefs and replace them with a new program. Create the environment that I want to live in instead of living in the environment that I think I might be forced to adapt to.

Needless to say that I wanted to know how to apply this technique on others and a certification in THETAHEALING® was the logical consequence.


Only by healing the wounds (from) within, one is capable of adapting a new way of life and to sustainably stick to it.


This is the essence of my teachings and coachings.

A triangle of YOGA, AYURVEDA and THETA blending the interconnection of body (through movement, the intake of food & digestion/detoxification), mind (meditation, affirmation and cancellation of limiting beliefs) and soul (daily, sustainable routines for reliable grounding and happiness) in order to create a life of healthy bliss.


Enjoy the journey!

Meet Kristin

Ayurvedic Diet & Lifestyle Consultant, ThetaHealer® & Yoga Teacher