What is Ayurveda?

Translated as „The wisdom of life“, Ayurveda (sanskrit: AYUR=life, VEDA=wisdom/science) is an indian holistic medical system that has first been found in the VEDAS (oldest scriptures of Hinduism) around 5000 years ago.


The simple yet complex thesis of Ayurveda bases on the fact that all organic creatures in nature, incl. human beings, consist of an individual composition of the 5 elements - space, air, fire, water and earth. This unique formation gives details about the so-called constitution of an individual.

Every element unites different qualities and quantities on which an identification and ultimately charecterization can be made.


A disease in Ayurveda therefore manifests when an imbalanced Dosha (constitution and combination of elements) creates a toxifying reaction whithin the body. These toxins, which emerge from an excess or a deficit, tend to attack the weak parts of the immune system and are believed to be the cause of all diseases.

Within the human body the 5 elements manifest as the 3 fundamental principles of the Tridoshas.

As a blend of the element of Space and Air, VATA creates the first principle.

A combination of the two elements Fire and Water gives manifestation to PITTA and the elements of Water and Earth give rise to KAPHA.

Those 3 Doshas regulate all biological, psychological and physiopathological functions in the body, the mind and the consciousness. In a healthy state they work as a protecting shield.

The main approach is to supply the weak elements with antagonistic qualities in order to regain a balance. This process of rebalancing the functions ultimately leads to a restoration of health and wellbeing.

The constitution of every human being is set in the moment of conception and consists of an individual combination of those 3 doshic elements. This basic constitution (Prakriti) does never change throughout a human lifespan. Due to permanent changing processes in life the combination of elements however continuosly changes on a physiopathological level (Vikriti).

Ayurveda Workshop

Learn more about the quality of food and the myths about it.


According to Ayurveda poor diet is the main cause of disease. Hence food is seen as medicine and as a therapy to prevent and cure.

Every person is seen individually, has different eating habits and needs. Ayurvedic foodplans take these factors into consideration and are designed accordingly.

Every food all around the world has a certain quality and can be seen as „ayurvedic“ – the differences are identified through the individual effects onto the body.

If one follows the quality of food according to their body (& mind) constitution, diseases can be avoided and no medication is needed.

„The right food“ is responsible for longevity and anti aging.


WE ARE WHAT WE EAT ... and what we eat becomes us.

WE ARE WHAT WE THINK ... and what we think becomes true.

WE ARE WHAT WE SAY ... and what we say effects others.

WE ARE WHAT WE CHANGE ... and what we change might change the world.

With an Ayurvedic workshop you get an in depth insight about the major rules in an Ayurvedic Routine.

Find out how to increase awareness by understanding more about food and its effect and how to establish a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing pleasure.